Google has stopped support for Daydream

After four years of release. Google officially announced that it would stop supporting its proprietary Daydream VR platform device. Not out of anticipation before. In recent times the platform has not been well received from third-party developers but also google does not care.

It is known that Daydream was introduced in 2016 with the expectation of creating a bright VR platform on smartphones. In 2017 the platform is always updated and fixed periodically. Some new apps appear. But over time, the intensity of their release begins to decrease rapidly, almost to no.

According to the explanation of discontinuing support. It seems that the platform has not met expectations, last year the company stopped supporting its Play Movies & TV show, then shut down the streaming app Hulu. Samsung's mobile devices did not support Daydream, starting with the release of Android 10, now Google has officially informed customers that the VR platform of Android 11 will not be supported.

Image copyright: Google

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